“Treinen Associates is a company where teamwork permeates everything we do.  It is the core of our culture.  Teamwork shapes how we work with each other and how we work with our clients to get the job done. “

William Treinen, President and CEO

Who We Are

Based in Olympia & Locally Focused

 IT & Management Consulting

Serving the Public Sector

 A consulting company with a new way of doing business
Committed to our staff, our clients and our community
Unconditionally focused on our clients’ success

 Transparency       Objectivity       Collaboration       Credibility      Communication       Trust

What We Do

Project Management

Over 70% of our Project Managers are certified Project Management Professionals.

Business Analysis

Our Business Analysts have an average of 12 years of experience in Information Technology.

Enterprise Architecture

We define enterprise-level solutions and help agencies create data governance models.

Change Management

We recognize the impact of change and work with our clients to sponsor a positive culture shift.

Requirements Management

Our proprietary T-Reqs™ solution provides an easy, functional tool to manage requirements.

Employment Security      Ecology      Health Care      Law Enforcement      Licensing      Education      Finance      Transportation      Insurance      Enterprise Technology

Contact Us

204 Pear Street NE
Olympia, WA 98506



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© Treinen Associates, Inc. 2015
Image of Mount Rainier courtesy of Treinen’s own Gary Hudson.

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© Treinen Associates, Inc. 2015 Image of Mount Rainier courtesy of Treinen's own Gary Hudson.