Our Story

The Beginning

After 10 years of providing business analysis and project management services, Will Treinen formed his own company in 2002. Will’s vision was to form a company that is not driven by profit alone, but focused on providing the best services at affordable rates. Since then, Treinen has been providing IT consulting services to public sector clients, building a strong reputation in the Olympia area.

Investing in Employees

As Treinen grew, Will wanted to ensure Treinen employees were valued and empowered to deliver the very best services to our clients. Our consultants enjoy the financial support of the company through exceptional benefits and highly competitive compensation packages. In addition, we all have opportunities for ongoing professional development. Because Will’s success was based on having strong mentors, Treinen provides employees with mentors to foster their growth.

What our consultants are saying:

  • “We have a reputation for being very good at what we do. This is proven by our actions and results, not just empty words.”

  • “I value our sense of friendship and of belonging to something bigger with a higher purpose than just turning a profit.”

  • “Every day, the enthusiasm we bring to our careers at Treinen and the support we show for one another makes me proud to be part of this organization.”

  • “Treinen hires its talent very carefully, ensuring that the new hires are the right people for Treinen and for its clients – they have the skills, experience, and personal and professional dimensions that our clients value.”

  • “This company has a breadth of experience beyond any company I’ve worked for.  The willingness to share this knowledge with other consultants to help make everyone successful is very unique to Treinen.”

  • “When contracting with Treinen, a client is not just contracting with an individual, they are contracting with a team of people with a world of experience that will support the client.”

Core Values

Our values of teamwork, transparency, and objectivity influence the Treinen's values: credibility, collaboration, trust, quality, communication, honesty, objectivity and transparencyculture of Treinen. Instilling every employee with the same core values allows us to provide consistent, high-quality services to our clients.

The success of our clients is our highest priority. We have a reputation of working to solve their problems by considering all options and offering recommendations based solely on our clients’ needs.

Our Mission

Treinen’s core philosophy rests on building a solid partnership with our clients—a shared investment in achieving project success. We offer progressive, innovative solutions when helping public agencies to modernize their programs.

Our Mission is to be a premier provider of public sector consulting services by delivering value to our clients and their customers through:

• Focusing on client and customer needs.

• Being good stewards of public funds.

• Recruiting, training and retaining expert resources.

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