Update from Will: Fall brings new energy to Treinen

As we finish up a blazing hot summer, our clients and business remain very active.

Next month (October), marks our 16th year in business! Kind of snuck up on me, to be honest. What do you do after 16 years? Keep doing those things that have been the bedrock of your success while integrating new methods, tools and capabilities.

What you can expect to see from our firm in short order is pretty awesome. We will be creating and hosting a new webinar series, with themes, topics and presenters hitting some of those most critical aspects of how, why, and did you know things about management consulting for the public sector (e.g. government). You can sign up here to stay updated on when we are hosting webinars.  I’m jazzed to share our consultants’ real experiences, the successes and those things to watch out for in delivering for government clients. I can’t believe we’re giving away all this free advice, but hey, we’re here to help and of course there’s more where that all comes from!


Later this month, we hope to see you at Instant Impact up in Tacoma. We’re proud to be a premiere sponsor of the event, as we’ve always supported our local PMI chapter and growth in our industry. We will have several consultants present and engaged. Stop by our booth to sign up for our free webinars! There are excellent speakers and professionals that will bring energy and enthusiasm that can and should have an “instant impact” on you, your organization and your project(s). See you there.

We are continuing to look for great people who would love to give management consulting a shot. Many have asked, “what exactly is ‘management consulting’?” For us, management consulting is about solving problems and overcoming challenges. This covers a wide array of industries and spaces where clients/customers seek experts in project management, organizational development and strategy development. In many instances, we work with a client’s customers, suppliers, vendors, and their partners to achieve success. This short summary doesn’t do justice to our profession, so please feel free to reach out and contact me or any of our consultants. It is well worth a free cup of coffee or tea to learn more about this exciting industry and how our approach really makes a difference.

One last piece of news on a personal front. Many of my associates, colleagues, partners, and even competitors have recently learned via friend or family that I had a pretty scary health issue during the Seattle To Portland (STP) bike ride. Without going into detail here, I want to assure everyone that I’m doing really well, making a full recovery and that the company has become even stronger and more resilient. Our management and consultants have pushed forward with AMAZING teamwork, increased an already incredible record for service delivery to clients,  and achieved success on several fronts. Am I worried that I won’t be needed? You bet……but I’ve been reassured that there is still a place for me here! In all seriousness, I have several large scale plans and ideas to take Treinen to the next level – you will be the first to hear of this news if you follow us on social media!

With gratitude to all those that make us what we are, thank you! Onward!